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Novalis: Celebrating 75 years of service to Canadian Catholics

Novalis, the country's pre-eminent bilingual religious publisher, is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2011. Over the decades, our books, magazines, parish and school resources have provided Canadian Catholics with the information and inspiration they need to explore and practise their faith.

Joseph Sinasac, Publishing Director for Novalis in Toronto, said, "Our organization's history is directly entwined with the history of religion in Canada, spanning many movements within the Church and still strong after all these years. Our efforts have helped Canadians of faith face the challenges of practising religion in contemporary life — and will continue to do so in innovative ways for years to come."

The organization is celebrating throughout the year, from coast to coast, by sponsoring a wide variety of conferences and organizing special events.

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Did You Know? Facts about Novalis' Trade Books

Facts about Novalis' Trade Books

Dorothy Day was an exceptional woman whom many consider a modern day saint. Her biography “All is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day is being published in September by Novalis.